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How You Can Know If You Are Suitable?

How You Can Know If You Are Suitable?

Persons are absolutely not machines, they've feelings! If you realize the list of human feelings and might identify them by just looking at another individual, than you'll be able to suddenly discover that most people just time after time show the identical emotion all over again.

Do you have a father who all the time finds something bad about things? Like he is being antagonistic in life? Or perhaps your mother worries on a regular basis - everything makes her nervous. Or your friend who on a regular basis finds something new and attention-grabbing and gets fairly enthusiastic.

Well, chances are you'll say that such a regular, time after time emotional tone can establish a person. In his book, "Science of Survival" L. Ron Hubbard, the founder of Scientology faith, shows an interesting chart of human feelings and conduct, by which you may predict how compatible are we a particular person would behave in different situations.

How well will he be able to speak? Will he be able to agree with you or will always discover something improper to inform you. Will you be able to belief him or not. And plenty of many more interesting personal traits. It is a very powerful data to have, I'd inform you.

Anyway, after you determine the common or chronic - that which shows itself all the time, emotional tone of a person - you can do the identical about yourself. Please, don't ask anybody to do that for you, use your own judgement - it's safer that way.

And finally compare between your emotional tones. If they seem to be the identical - fantastic! You're emotionally compatible. If not, meaning you are feeling in another way out of your partner more occasions than feeling the same, oh-oh! Watch out! It seems you aren't that appropriate - your emotional compatibility is not at its best.

You're welcome to try this out for any relationship you've - friends, loved one, co-workers, even parents - this can explain quite a bit about trouble you may need with some people.