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The Magical Versatility Of The Violin!

The Magical Versatility Of The Violin!

The violin has been, and still is, essentially the most common of stringed instruments. Let us take a moment to ponder its splendor. There are, after all, many styles of violin playing and of violin music. The violin is very suited to gypsies, that nomadic individuals who express the wild lifestyle and oknew the beginning of the evening and each corner of the countryside, the wild sounds of the birds and all the animals, their own yearnings and nostalgia. They are mentioned to have come from India.

The violin is at dwelling within the classical music of India, having been adopted centuries ago because it was superior in perfection and adaptability to the bowed stringed instruments native to India. The violin is at residence on the moors of Scotland, on the plateau of Norway, in the Blue Ridge Mountains of America. The violin is at residence in every Russian, Polish and Rumanian village, the place it has at all times been accompanied the dancing and the singing.

Violins have been made of every description, crude and rough hewn, barely recognizable and but quite adequate for the astonishing number of roles they undertake. I have seen the gnarled, European guitar clumsy, attractive fingers of Scottish bee keepers and sheep grazers playing Scottish reels, strathspeys, dances and lament with never a faltering rhythm. In actual fact the rhythm of people individuals, whether in Russia, Hungary or Scotland is superior to that of the city, industrial, industrial civilization of Center Class America and Western Europe.

The violin is so versatile an instrument that it evolves in every country in accordance with that country's genius. It plays Tchaikovsky and the passionate virtuoso romantics if it is in Russian hands; it plays the 'bel canto' for an Italian; it performs the great musical literature of the traditional German and Austrian heritage in those countries and, actually, universally. And it was the instrument for which Purcell and Dowland wrote maybe the most wonderful music of all.

So next time you pick up your treasured instrument take a moment to daydream and consider its fantastic place within the world.