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Famous Quotes On Ron Paul

Famous Quotes On Ron Paul

Gifted college students are no longer rewarded for his or her skills. Now, they're required to "dumb down" in order not to hurt the feelings of these less gifted. An increasing number of individuals are turning to virtual colleges to keep away from this outrageous conduct. Political strife throughout America is approaching a fever pitch. Never earlier than has our nation been so polarized as it is now. Federal, State and native governments are utilizing propaganda and worry to pass legal guidelines "for our own safety" that are thinly veiled attempts to curtail Freedom. For those who assume that's not so, ask yourself this question: how many occasions in the last 10 years have your State and Ron Paul Institute Liberty Report native politicians used your fear of prisoners and concern in your child's safety to get laws handed? Hillary Clinton has made it very clear that she is very a lot opposed to the first, Second, Third, Fourth and Fifth Amendments to the Constitution.

The large image connects the dots to make sense of poverty and corruption within the midst of plenty. 22. Thus this big image has become the elephant within the dwelling room. Most remain both at midnight or in denial of the monopolistic, money system designed by males based on personal-self curiosity; one which features to today regardless of financial, social and moral destroy to the plenty. 23. The issues of mounting debt from international to private can't be solved long-term by creating extra debt (i.e. 2009 Economic Stimulus Plan and big-bank bailouts). 24. Solutions begin one-by-one as people wake up and Ron Paul Liberty Report Syria odor the deception. We every must learn to assume for ourselves. The first step is UN-studying a lot of what we now have been informed as factual and true and relearning through impartial research and fact-checking. Most are incredulous to discover the diploma to which we've got been lied to by these in energy and trusted to act on behalf of the people.

Historians, individuals who play specialists on television, and politicians say the same factor: That you must compromise to get things achieved in Washington. Unfortunately, as historical past has shown, compromise will give the general public a bastardized model of Ron Paul Institute Liberty Report. Typically, this bipartisan act breeds big government. On the other hand, Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) is advancing the principles of small authorities the right means: Alliance. Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) and Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) are teaming up to help make delivery management accessible over the counter, something that prominent Republicans have demanded for years. This proposal would deregulate the industry and mirror other international locations which have allowed customers to purchase delivery management with out a prescription. The results have been nice: Costs have plunged, patients are not required to visit their physician for a prescription, and consumers do not need to endure insurance complications just to purchase the pill. This isn't the primary time that Rep. Ocasio-Cortez and Sen. Cruz have labored together. The polar opposites partnered to prohibit former members of Congress to function corporate lobbyists.

Anyone who does not need the most dangerous regime on the planet to have probably the most destructive weapons on the planet in its arsenal should be cheering Israel's attempt to forestall this Armageddon from arriving. Instead, many of the free nations of the world-to say nothing of its dictatorships, quasi-dictatorships, and communist states who loathe Israel and the U.S.-will possible scream hysterically if Israel launches so much as a spitball into Iran. Liberals at home and abroad will cry that Iran is another Iraq, that Iran's nuclear program is as apocryphal as Saddam Hussein's stockpiles of WMDs. No matter the truth that there have been legitimate causes to go to war with Iraq in addition to weapons of mass destruction, the proof of weapons growth is far stronger for Iran than it was for Iraq. In addition, Iraq is a small fry compared to Iran, which has been channeling hundreds of thousands of dollars to terrorist teams comparable to al-Qaeda, Hezbollah, and Hamas in Iraq, Lebanon, Syria, and Gaza for many years.