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Marketing Strategies That You May Not Have Considered Before

Marketing Strategies That You May Not Have Considered Before

Anyone who runs their own business will understand how difficult it can be to juggle a whole load of balls at the same time without dropping one. As a sole trader you need to wear a number of different hats, including managing director, receptionist, supplies co-ordinator, sales director and of course, marketing director. The trick is to build up a certain level of skills in each of these areas and essentially become a jack of all trades.
Managing the basics when it comes to marketing and getting these roles right is of course key. However, many small business owners will have little or no experience when it comes to spreading the word about their company. Marketing can be a time consuming and an expensive process and to do it on a large scale you not only need to be experienced, but also have considerable cash reserves. The smaller the business, the more important it is to find the right marketing channels to utilise. Find a method that fits with your business model and will get the word out there to potential customers without putting your other business processes in jeopardy.
SMS and text marketing is a channel that is growing in popularity thanks to its simplicity and the low cost associated with running a campaign. Technology has changed the way that people converse with each other forever and as SMS technology has advanced, it has become more refined and more relevant.
Studies have shown that for text marketing to be successful, companies already need to have the permission of the consumer before sending messages to their personal handset. Mobile phones travel with people wherever they go and it is a very personal relationship. Even if you have left your wallet at home, the chances are that you will not have left the house without your mobile. Once a company has this permission however, the marketing opportunities are considerable. Messages that form part of your marketing campaigns can be sent directly to your customers and you can be almost certain that they will read them within a matter of seconds. When was the last time you got a text message and whatsapp blast singapore decided not to read it for a few days?
Another one of the main benefits of SMS text marketing is that it can allow a small business to cut down on its marketing spend and get the best possible return on its outlay. Results are simple to track and there is a clear audit trail, which enables businesses to accurately monitor the success of their campaigns and adapt future promotions accordingly.