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ISTA from https://www.bimmerdiagnostics.com is a workshop system that accommodates BMW AG Data and Information. ISTA stands for Integrated Service Technical Application. Approach back when, throughout the preliminary development of this tool, BMW used DIS (Diagnostics Data System), and as the programs developed and as a result of nature of the file naming conventions utilized by BMW CODING, the workshop system turned generally known as Rheingold within the fanatic world. Rheingold in truth is the folder that incorporates the main application and data. Rheingold turned ISTA-D (D stands for Diagnostics) and BMW’s programming application (not discussed in this document) used the identical nomenclature, ISTA besides with a P (for programming) or ISTA-P.

1. Module (ECU) errors reading and clearing
2. Gearbox (transmission) and engine adaptations erasing
3. Fuel injectors control, correction amount real time viewing, injector registering
4. Engine mountings testing
5. Mass air move (MAF) testing and registering. Whole air system testing
6. EGR system control and testing
7.Turbocharger and associated components control and testing
8. Diesel particulate filter regeneration (DPF)
9. Battery replacement
10. Oil change and repair interval reset
11. Wiring diagrams, live data, repair directions, technical documents and so on

12. Programming, vehicle retrofit, mirror coding, FSC codes adding or updating and many others
And lots of more different capabilities from https://www.bimmerdiagnostics.com